Accepting Donations
Saturday, Oct. 24th

Donations of books in good condition will be only be accepted on Saturday, Oct 24, 10-noon at the Northborough Library parking lot this month.
Please package all books in cardboard boxes not larger than a paper ream box. You will be expected to load the boxes into the back of a pickup truck yourself. We can only accept book donations from members of the Friends of the Northborough Library in good standing. Membership is $20/per person or family and $10 for seniors. We will have a list of paid-up members at our book donation event, but you can join on the spot if you want to donate your books.

As always, we accept book donations of books in good condition. Please do not donate encyclopedias, textbooks older than 5 years, magazines, Reader’s Digest Condensed books, chewed upon baby books, or books in poor condition. Please do not just leave donations at the library; the librarians will discard them. Those of you who do not want to join, please hold on to your books and we will accept donations from the public sometime later….